Doug Proposes On Air - September 2010

I have for years said that I would like to propose on air, seeing as I have shared so much of my life with the listener.  I decided to propose on Saturday 18 September 2010 to my then girlfriend of 2 years, Madelaine Steyn.  I had arranged with colleague, Angela Ludek, to propose on her show “The Movement”.  We devised a plan to get myself and Madelaine in studio and participate in a feature called “The Connection” where each partner gets to ask questions to see how well they know each other.  We orchestrated it so that I would ask the final question, which was THE QUESTION. 

Our favourite SA Band is Prime Circle, and we were fortunate enough to have them sing us “Breathing.” Straight after I proposed… she said yes.

 The pictures should tell the story of how it went down.


Success is achieving, right? So how many of you have set goals?
Luck is being at the right place at the right time.
Success is being the right person all of the time.


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