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  Head Boy Speech   Matric Farewell 96   Matric '96   Prefect   Best Leadership Award   Sportman of the Year 96  
  I went to nursery school at Hope School (School for children with disabilities). My parents placed me in a mainstream school (which I shall not mention) for Grad 1. I was expelled 6 months later from that school as I was considered "a risk" to the school because of my disability, resulting in me having to repeat Grd 1 at Hope School.

I went on to matriculate at Hope School. I was chosen as prefect in Std 8 & 9 and chosen as Head Boy and Hostel Head Boy in matric (1996).

In 1996 I won the Rotary Round Table Award for Best Leadership in Schools.

I also achieved full sporting colours and academic colours whilst at school.
What happens next?

You can’t change WHAT has happened to you.
You can change the way you REACT to what has happened to you!
How you DECIDE to react will determine what HAPPENS next. #TheVoiceOnWheels #Boom


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