Quads 4 Quads 2007
  As a person who has a disability, Doug Anderson has always been passionate about promoting the rights of people with disabilities. Doug has supported many disability NGO’s in South Africa through his radio shows as well as through personally participating in events that they might be running.

QASA (The Quad Para Association of SA) is one of them. In 2007, Doug decided to participate in their annual Quads4Quads Fundraising initiative, which is an off-road ride on a quad-bike from Boksburg to Ballito Bay… and back.

The trip took 11 Days, 250 km / day through off-road rugged terrain. 3 Days break in Ballito Bay and then back to Boksburg. All in all 2000km off-road, all in aid of the Quad Para Association of South Africa.

R1.1 million was raised on this ride for QASA.
Being right.

Stuck in a rut you CAN’T get out of? You are RIGHT!
Stuck in a rut you CAN get out of? You are RIGHT AGAIN!
Whether you THINK it or SAY it, you are RIGHT.


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