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  Feb 2001   Randburg Sun   Close to the ground  
  Dec 2004   The Star   Ready, Willing and Able  
  Dec 2004   Sandton Chronicle   Ready, Willing and Able  
  Dec 2004   Randburg Sun   On a roll on radio  
  Feb 2005   Rolling Inspiration   Ready, Willing and Able  
  Nov 2006   Rolling Inspiration   Differently Abled Initiative  
  Nov 2006   Daily Sun   Pirates players raise funds for the disabled  
  Nov 2006   Rolling Inspiration   Differently Abled Initiative  
  Jun 2007   Rolling Inspiration   Inspiration on the radio  
  Nov 2007   Rolling Inspiration   Quads 4 Quads  
  Jan 2009   Rolling Inspiration   Heal Our Rainbow Nation  
  Sep 2009   Rolling Inspiration   Dynamic Driving Course  
  Nov 2009   Randburg Sun   Hamlet Awards  
  Nov 2009   Rolling Inspiration   Hamlet Awards  
  Dec 2009   Randburg Sun   Annual International Disability Indaba  
  Jan 2010   Rolling Inspiration   INSETA Awards  
  Jan 2010   Inseta Publication   INSETA Awards  
  Jan 2010   Rolling Inspiration   Laduma Jive Launch  
  Sep 2010   People Magazine   Miss Earth 2010  
  Oct 2010   Randburg Sun   Doug and Madz Proposal  
  Nov 2010   Rolling Inspiration   Doug and Madz Engagement  
  Jul 2012   Randburg Sun   Radio 2000 Madiba Recording  
  Dec 2015   Radio 2000 Website   Order of The Baobab for Radio 2000 Producer  
  Mar 2016   Rolling Inspiration   Dynamite Doug  
Taking control of the words that you use.

For centuries great minds have been discussing the truth behind these words:
“As you think, you are” and “As you say, you are.”
TAKE CONTROL of your THOUGHTS and the WORDS that YOU use. #TheVoiceOnWheels #Boom


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