Laduma Jive 2010
  Many people with disabilities had said to Doug Anderson, that they battled to do the Diski Dance which took South Africa by storm in 2010, 2010 being a big year to celebrate in South Africa with the Fifa World Cup happening on South African shores.

With 50 Days to go to kick-off 2010, Doug Anderson contacted Gladys Agulhas from Agulhas Theatre Works (who specializes in choreography for people with disabilities) to ask her if together, they could come up with an all inclusive celebratory dance.

On the 2nd of May 2010 over 500 able and disabled individuals came together at Museum Africa in New Town, JHB to celebrate the launch of the Laduma Jive which was also recorded that same day.

What an awesome experience!

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Past failure.

DON'T BE SCARED TO FAIL - failure is not you not being able to achieve something.
Failure is not trying again.
Fail often but fail quick, learn from the experience, apply what you have learnt and move on!


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