Doug Anderson @ Events #TheVoiceOnWheels
  2005   GP Masters  
  2006   Positive Rocks  
      Presidents Award 50th Anniversary  
      Unite 4 Health  
  2007   46664 Concert  
      International Day for People with Disabilities  
  2008   International Day for People with Disabilities  
  2009   Advanced Driving Course for People with Disabilities  
      Miss Earth  
      Wayne Brady  
  2010   FIFA World Cup  
      ACSA Disability Expo  
      Doug Proposes On Air  
      Miss Earth  
  2013   Chief Mandela at 2nd Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama  
      GAP Entrepreneur J.T. Foxx  
      Doug Anderson and Robert Allen  
  2014   S.A. First Lady Bongi Ngema-Zuma  
      Doug Anderson and President F.W. De Klerk  
Taking control of the words that you use

For centuries great minds have been discussing the truth behind these words:
“As you think, you are” and “As you say, you are.”
TAKE CONTROL of your THOUGHTS and the WORDS that YOU use.


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