Differently Abled Fundraiser 2006
In 2006 Doug Anderson was headhunted to be a Director for a company that wanted him to head-up a disability recruitment arm of the company. They offered him a 6 month contract to do this. During those 6 months, it was decided that he would also develop a fundraising initiative that would focus on education for children with disabilities.

Doug's brain child was the Differently Abled 24/7/365 initiative. He was responsible for sourcing support from media, sponsors and celebrities.

The Differently Abled 24/7/365 Project comprised of two events:

Differently Abled 24/7/365 Fundraising Telethon
Recording of Differently Abled 24/7/365 Benefit CD

The Differently Abled 24/7/365 Fundraising Telethon was launched in November 2006 at Monte Casino. 150 local celebrities (musicians, actors, sporting personalities etc) attended the event and gave up their time to take pledges from the public for charity.

Two international artists, Dana Winner and Jascha Richter (Michael Learns to Rock) attended the event.

The entire Orlando Pirates Football Club attended the event.

In terms of media coverage, the initiative was exposed to 9 million listeners nationwide through various national and provincial commercial, PBS and community radio stations.

19 million viewers were exposed to the initiative through various PBS TV and commercial TV Stations.
Doug's Laws

No tree has borne fruit that hasn't had well-nourished roots.
The size of your dream will determine the size of the group of people you will attract to it.
The size of your dream is determined by your passion.


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